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What Is A Blog?

Many a times, people come across the word blog but are not sure of what it means. At first when I heard of it myself, it got me thinking. So well, what is a blog? It is a type of website that is arranged in a chronological order with the most recent posts being at the top while those written earlier are relegated to the lower part of the website. A blog may also be described as a website where one posts entries on a regular basis and these get arranged in a reversed order. I.e. those that came earlier will be at the bottom while the newest posts are at the top.

wiabThe term blog is shortened from the word weblog. When one adds anything to their blog, it is called blogging. When one writes then posts, these will be referred to as blog posts, entries or just posts. The person who does the writing and posting is referred to as a blogger. Almost all blogs contain articles or texts, images and at times links, which will drive the reader to other websites for more information or further details. The links can drive one to texts, audio or video clips.

What Is A Blog’s Use?

Basically, the role of a blog is to give information or make people be on the know. In the earlier years, people relied on the media to get information. These included the radio, television, newspaper, magazine etc. In a nutshell, this meant that all the information had to come from the media-houses. In other words, any other person with information had to contact the media house to get whatever they needed to air for the listeners. This limited the access of people with information to pass to others whatever they knew about a situation, an occurrence and/or an emergence. With blogging however, anyone who has something interesting can easily pass it out to others by posting in their blogs.

Another reason for blogging is sharing of details. What is a bog without details? Everyone has a mind and whatever goes on in there cannot be known unless it is shared. The internet offers a wide audience for everyone who wishes to share their life experiences. Before, the average person did not have the opportunity to reach a global audience with minimal experience like it is happening now. A serious and interesting blogger can easily reach up to a million people in a single day, thanks to blogging.

What Are A Blog’s Features?

Well, what is a blog’s feature? To know more of a blog, one has to understand its features. For a start, blogs are written by one person, though at times this may not be the case as someone else may quip in a few ideas. They come in several topics a blogger may think of. As the blogger gets more readers, they develop into a blogging community with people sharing topics and getting into contact with one another. As the relationship builds, they learn, make friends, share ideas as well as do business with those who share same interests.

To get the most out of the blogs, some of the features to know are archives while looking at the front page of a blog, there are a few entries, links to other websites and a lot more going on beneath the surface that may not immediately meet the eye. In addition to the main page, there are other pages or posts that are not readily visible. Comments too are a feature with blogs. Remember blogs are a conversation with a number of people giving their feedback. The readers can also ask questions, put in a little pun, criticize or bookmark the favorite page.

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