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Find Answers To The Question – Do I Need A Domain To Write A Blog

nadtwabOne of the frequently asked questions is ‘do I need a domain to write a blog’. Invariably, this question is asked again and again even if general information has been posted along similar lines. This is because everyone that wants to write wants to know if it will bring him or her fame and popularity. This automatically leads to the question of getting the blogs published and from there on to the question of web hosting services. It would be better to realize that all these stages come a bit later on.

While a domain can always be useful and necessary, every writer may not be in need of a domain to spur him on to the writing. What’s more, there are so many free sites and services that offer to host your blog for you free of any cost. The writer of blogs that is experimenting with this genre would be better off using one of the free sites initially. There is no need to spend money when you are not sure of the outcome. If you still want to get a unique domain name and you want to keep it locked for use, you could do that as well.

Designers Will Know If You Need A Domain To Write A Blog

There are some web design firms that also offer the services of a server and continued technical support. These are the firms to which you can ask, “Do I need a domain to write a blog?” These design firms have usually been in the industry for several years and would know how to guide you. If they do not offer their services, they would at least be able to point you in the right direction. You may want to know what having a domain means to you and your plans. You may also include the cost of paying for the domain in the business costs if you are going to turn a hobby into a profession. For the serious blogger, a domain name would be of huge interest.

That is because this person would be looking into the future and thinking of turning a profit out of his hobby of writing. It would help to have a name already set up along with the hosting server. This is definitely the ideal way to approach the whole business of blog writing. Of course, some of them never turn out to be successful and give up somewhere in the middle of the journey. For such people, having a domain or not is meaningless.

You Do Need A Domain To Write A Blog If You Are Serious

For that most casual of writers, a domain name will not seem important. So, he or she would not even think to ask the question, “Do I need a domain to write a blog”. This type of person would assume that it is just a passing thing and will be self-aware enough to know that he ought not to spend money on acquiring a domain name or rent a server. However, there is this other sort of a writer that is intense and passionate. He or she would be determined to make a mark in writing and getting published. Naturally, this is the writer that will want to know what it is to approach a design firm or register with wordpress and get the best of themes that are available.

This is also the person who will not bat an eyelid when it comes to paying a fee for the domain name. This person will be willing to wait until the readership picks up and will wait to become popular in one way or another. Obviously, when you think in such terms, domain becomes imperative and it makes it your very own to make effective use of it. Your domain name becomes way too important.

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