How To Start A Blog Tips, tricks and ideas for starting, hosting and writing your own blog. Sat, 27 Sep 2014 16:41:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Find Answers To The Question – Do I Need A Domain To Write A Blog Sat, 27 Sep 2014 16:41:06 +0000 nadtwabOne of the frequently asked questions is ‘do I need a domain to write a blog’. Invariably, this question is asked again and again even if general information has been posted along similar lines. This is because everyone that wants to write wants to know if it will bring him or her fame and popularity. This automatically leads to the question of getting the blogs published and from there on to the question of web hosting services. It would be better to realize that all these stages come a bit later on.

While a domain can always be useful and necessary, every writer may not be in need of a domain to spur him on to the writing. What’s more, there are so many free sites and services that offer to host your blog for you free of any cost. The writer of blogs that is experimenting with this genre would be better off using one of the free sites initially. There is no need to spend money when you are not sure of the outcome. If you still want to get a unique domain name and you want to keep it locked for use, you could do that as well.

Designers Will Know If You Need A Domain To Write A Blog

There are some web design firms that also offer the services of a server and continued technical support. These are the firms to which you can ask, “Do I need a domain to write a blog?” These design firms have usually been in the industry for several years and would know how to guide you. If they do not offer their services, they would at least be able to point you in the right direction. You may want to know what having a domain means to you and your plans. You may also include the cost of paying for the domain in the business costs if you are going to turn a hobby into a profession. For the serious blogger, a domain name would be of huge interest.

That is because this person would be looking into the future and thinking of turning a profit out of his hobby of writing. It would help to have a name already set up along with the hosting server. This is definitely the ideal way to approach the whole business of blog writing. Of course, some of them never turn out to be successful and give up somewhere in the middle of the journey. For such people, having a domain or not is meaningless.

You Do Need A Domain To Write A Blog If You Are Serious

For that most casual of writers, a domain name will not seem important. So, he or she would not even think to ask the question, “Do I need a domain to write a blog”. This type of person would assume that it is just a passing thing and will be self-aware enough to know that he ought not to spend money on acquiring a domain name or rent a server. However, there is this other sort of a writer that is intense and passionate. He or she would be determined to make a mark in writing and getting published. Naturally, this is the writer that will want to know what it is to approach a design firm or register with wordpress and get the best of themes that are available.

This is also the person who will not bat an eyelid when it comes to paying a fee for the domain name. This person will be willing to wait until the readership picks up and will wait to become popular in one way or another. Obviously, when you think in such terms, domain becomes imperative and it makes it your very own to make effective use of it. Your domain name becomes way too important.

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Are You Looking For Some Great Blog Ideas? Sat, 27 Sep 2014 16:32:29 +0000 aylfsbIf you are looking for some great blog ideas, you do not have to look very far. All you have to do is pick up some topic that is close to your heart and start writing on it. For information on the same favorite topic, there is always the Internet. There is no dearth of information on any topic and someone or other has already written several articles on various topics. For instance, you could choose to write about cooking.

There are some great blog ideas on the simple art of cooking. You could make a personal journal of your daily cooking chores or you could be more creative and pen down unusual cooking ideas. Whatever you write about, the important thing you have to keep in mind is that you make it readable and interesting. The language you use has to be grammatically correct and more personal than formal. Writing about some great blog ideas cannot be treated as an essay. Formal essays would come under white papers or research articles. The idea of blogs is to make it easy and light to read. You can have fun with it and so can the reader. Naturally, it is important to feel something for the subject of your choice. That is the only way to make it sound as interesting to the reader as it is to you.

Use Some Great Blog Ideas As A Springboard

A good architect is bound to go in search some great blog ideas on the topic of interior design. This is because an architect’s job is not done with just the drawing of the house plan. Moreover, even as he or she is working on the architectural aspect of the project, there would be a lot of time spent on the internet and going through different related sites. This is only natural because even the most brilliant designer might want to find inspiration at some time or another.

Thanks to the internet, people look into other similar websites for anything and everything. Typing out the words into the Google search engine comes naturally to almost everyone in the world from the school children to senior citizens. In the process, it would come as no surprise if you were to find some great blog ideas online. Of course, one does not expect these existing ideas to get copied without conscience. What one can do is to use some great blog ideas as a springboard for your own creativity. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery! This is one of the reasons why people find certain similarities between different blogs. However, each writer does leave a unique mark on the topic in the way some simple words are put together.

The Internet Has Some Great Blog Ideas

Almost everyone has a computer at home with easy access to the Internet. Therefore, people gravitate towards the computer first in search of some great blog ideas. This is especially true of the people that want to write blogs as a profession. Moreover, there are a large number of people that are looking to work from home and at their own pace.

Unless someone gets hired and is given specific topics to write on, it can be a tad difficult to find some great blog ideas. However, the internet has a treasure trove of ideas and topics if one has the patience to screen them. Once, some of the topics have been chosen, it is easy enough to pick the few favorites that strike a chord in you. As always, even some great blog ideas can become terrible ideas if the writing is terrible or if it leaves the reader irritated. The common reader would hate to find a blog that is published without being proofread and still contains a lot of grammatical errors. The reader will be equally ticked off if he or she knows that a particular blog is badly worded or plagiarized too. This is especially true when almost every user of the internet knows that it is very easy to find some great blog ideas with just a click of the mouse.

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Thinking Of Starting A Blog? Sat, 27 Sep 2014 11:02:22 +0000 tosabIf you are thinking of starting a blog, there is no time like the present. But, thinking about it alone is simply not going to cut it. You have to put your money where your mouth is and actually sit down to type out a few blogs. Starting a blog is not all that difficult if you have the determination to give it a try. You might have to re-write a couple of times until you are satisfied and feel that it is ready for publication online. That is just par for the course. There are many people that have thought of starting a blog and never carried that thought forward into action.

Unfortunately, it is their loss. One is always looking for new material to read and any idea is welcome. The only thing a blog writer needs to know is that the topic should be interesting and the writing itself makes for easy reading. People reading blogs do not want to find a blog that is full of grammatical mistakes or one that is heavy reading littered with pompous words. It should appeal to the casual reader enough to make him stop at the landing page and read it through without getting distracted by all the flashing advertisements.

Starting A Blog Is Very Simple

Starting a blog is quite simple and there are many that have attempted it. Not too many continue with the process and instead, they stop after the first blog. That is not the way to keep the interest. If you were to just write one blog and not visit the page often and increase the volume, you are not going to get a faithful readership. There are those that thought of starting a blog did not think that it should be for the long term.

Therefore, the idea of starting a blog should be a carefully thought out one. The reason for this is that it is important to choose a topic that can be sustained. One must have several ideas for blogs on a given topic so that one keeps posting one a week so that people continue to return to the site. If you stop after the first couple, people that have read them will keep coming back to see if there is something new. If there is none, they will give up and move on to someone else’s blogs. In this way, there have been many that started only to stop because they have run out of ideas.

Commit To Continued Effort Before Starting A Blog

Thinking of starting a blog and actually doing it are two different things. Starting a blog requires a lot of effort. If you are looking to just pour out your heart and air your pet grievances, a blog is probably not the place to do it. If you have something meaningful to say about any topic, you should definitely start writing it as a blog. While there is no dearth of material on the internet on any topic, there is always a new perspective that you could bring up.

Moreover, it will be your unique style of writing that will capture anyone’s interest and will get you return visitors to your site. If you think it has to be about something serious, you are mistaken. It can be about anything but, it must be well written. If you are starting a blog and have a lot of ideas but do not know how to write them, you could always hire someone to do it. There are plenty of freelance writers available for this type of work. You do not have to worry that it may become theirs more than yours. After all, it will still remain your blog ideas and your domain.

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Have You Got The Best Blog Ideas? Sat, 27 Sep 2014 04:57:56 +0000 hugtbbHave you got the best blog ideas to write on Photography? If you have not, you ought to look at a few fashion magazines. While these magazines always have the most amazing of photos, there are a number of short articles on the season or the designers. More importantly, you can find all of these online as well because most newspapers and magazines have an online edition. It is always great to come upon a well-written blog that draws you into the article. When you start reading any particular piece, you are likely to get a few of the best blog ideas on your own. While these blog ideas may have come to you when reading someone else’s piece, they can still be made into independent blogs.

In most cases, you will find either the writing style that is weak or the blog idea itself that is of little or no interest to you. Therefore, it pays to have both those areas covered. Try to pick a topic that is not too unfamiliar to the reading public. It should strike a chord on some level. The actual writing style can be quite important too. It can be funny or witty. It can be a little dramatic and personal or it can be a little objective. Whatever it may be like, make sure that it is light to read. Heavy and ponderous words do not fit in a blog and are a part of the best blog ideas.

Make A List Of The Best Blog Ideas

Pick a topic and surf the internet for the best blog ideas you can get. Once you have a list of the best blog ideas, you can focus on one at a time. That is also true of any topic. All you have to do is have a desire to write and generate a following of your writing. You can start with the many free blog sites that allow you to write and publish freely. In fact, that is how people started becoming bloggers.

More importantly, everyone that can access the internet has a voice now. You can be for or against a topic or you can be neutral and just report events. You can be as judgmental as you want and offer your opinions freely and vigorously. You may not have a huge following if you use the best blog ideas only to criticize or be negative about them. In this huge world of ours, there is bound to be at least someone that will agree with your negativity. They will be happy to jump on your band wagon and add their voice to yours. Whether these will be seen as the best blog ideas by a new reader or just as someone’s tirade you will never know.

The Best Blog Ideas Are In Your Own Head

The best blog ideas are always in your own head. It just needs to get out in the form of writing. Unfortunately, people never realize it and they keep looking for inspiration outside. They see a beautiful place and want to write a blog on it. They think if they looked it up they would find the best blog ideas and that will help them start. That is partly true because there are a lot of people that will probably pick up ideas from other people’s blogs. However, if they paused to think and took some time to put their own ideas on paper they would find that they already have the best blog ideas after all.

It needs language skills and a little confidence. After all, even the best blog ideas out there can do with some improvement. Perhaps, if you were confident enough you would be able to publish an even better one. Of course, you would have to know the language and all its idioms and expressions to make it informal and easily readable. But, this is something that can be learned and even mastered. Just as language is a skill, so is writing and there may be a hidden writer in you that is just waiting to come out.

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Go Online And Let The World Know Who You Are Fri, 20 Dec 2013 16:44:33 +0000 Are you someone with plenty of unique and competitive skills? Do you think people must hear you because you have so much valuable things to say, then create your own blog and let the people enjoy your words. You can see there are many people around talking about the things that do not even interest you but they do have their potential readers who visit their blog to check if something new is there. You can also build such readers by posting valuable content to your blog.

Blogs are not only just with the content. You have to go for innovative and new ways to attract and engage your readers. Adding images and videos to your content is one way to get the attention of your readers. Visitors are always looking for something new so your blog should feed their thirst otherwise they do not take a while to get bored of you. Reposting the same stuff means you have nothing more to say and readers will automatically assume that, that was all you had and now your time is over. So create your own blog and go online. There is always potential traffic for those who have lots of things to share. Never mind, share only what is valuable.

Build A Blog And Make Your Products More Selling

bloggerAlmost all the online businesses are running with the help of “blog” page they have on their websites. The reason behind this myth is that a 200 word product description is now not enough for the customer to be persuaded to buy your product. Of course, they are looking for something more, something that can help them. Blog is the only way to express the benefits and usages of your products in detail. Most of the businesses link their websites to different blogs but we highly recommend that you should create your own blog.

Blog creation is a simple process and you do not have to bother so much work for this purpose. There are many vendors online helping the newbies to build their own blogs for free. You can design a best word press blog for free by using their free service. You also do not have to find a theme designer etc because free blogs often have a long list of built in themes and you can update your blog to any of those themes. Keep your blog updated with the latest products your company offers. Post the pros and cons of the products and review the hot selling products that how they are beneficial for the customers. That is all, create your own blog now and boost up your sales.

Create A Blog And Make Your Company Available In The Market

Sometimes it happens that you do a number of customers online but you are not in the list of companies who are being talked around. There are a few reasons behind this issue. The most important factor is that most of the successful businesses have their blogs where they regularly update their customers with the new and latest products. This way customer gets engaged into their stuff and start sharing it with others. While on the other hand you are just updating your website with new products but not telling your customers what you have actually in this product. Blog is the only way to address your customers what unique things you have for them.

Success of every brand lies into its customers circle. You have to build a customer circle and then by posting catchy content on your blog, you have to keep them engaged in gossiping about your products. Things are looking difficult? Not at all, just create your own blog and start doing it. Post about the products and allow your users to comment so that you may know what they are thinking about your stuff. You learn to handle things and customers simultaneously and this is benefit you enjoy when you create your own blog.

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Start Your Own Blog And Let People Hear Your Voice Mon, 16 Dec 2013 16:28:11 +0000 sbpIf you are the one who has a lot to say and few people to hear then you should go online. With the emergence of online blogging, the internet has broadened the vision of people who have lot to say. Now if you are genius enough to publish useful and informative yet logical posts regularly then you can go online and spread your knowledge among those who are thirsty for knowledge. And for this, you should start your own blog and keep it up to dated with latest writings and information. Some of the writers are mostly unaware of the fact that how to start a blog.

Well blogging is not a complex process like maintaining websites and programming; rather it is a simple and easy process. Only thing you have to do is to select a catchy name for your blog and then register it at any free blogging website. They will provide you with a domain name and from that day onwards, you can write whatever you want to and simply post it there. There is no need to develop a theme for your blog as there are always a plenty of free themes and templates available online. Blogging is free and unlimited but it should be positive and useful.  So start your own blog and rock the world.

Start Your Own Blog And Let Your Business Speak

Today almost all the businesses are running over their mouths of products. Your product is everything. It is sold on whatever is written on it. Customers come and give a quick look over it and leave it if they even do not find the name catchy or worth reading. In this world of e trading, where everything is sold or purchased online, people focus on reading in depth reviews and descriptions of the products before purchasing. Of course, you cannot put the whole list of benefits and advantages of your product on the sticker of the product. This way you get packed and people often do not find your product useful.

One way to get more customers is start your own blog along with your company’s website. Post the benefits and uses of your products and let the people know why your products stand alone when it comes to benefits and prices. Post positive reviews about your products and refer your customers to read those posts so that they get more exposure to what you are offering. This technique has been used widely by the companies and notable profit has been recorded after the establishment of blogs. So start your own blog and multiply your profits along with the incoming of more potential customers.

Start Your Own Blog And Earn Money With Your Knowledge

There is a common misconception about the world of internet that you do work online yet you are not paid. In this article, we are going to disclose this mystery by explaining that there is no such thing. Even now, people are enjoying money from their websites and blogs. Most of the professionals now build a website or blog and continuously keep it updated with the latest inventions and advancements in their niche. This way Google offers them adds and of course clicking on those ads is dependent upon the regular traffic of your website. The more visitors you have, the higher revenues you will generate at the end of the month.

This looks quite simple but it is very much time taking and you are required to spend sound efforts before enjoying the earnings. So if you are professional, whether from finance niche or from real estate sector simply start your own blog and keep people up to dated with the latest news and advancements. Stay consistent and you will start earning within a short time. Always post what people are looking for at your website and the more valuable content you will offer, the better number audience you will receive in return. So start your own blog and let your words earn for you.

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How To Write A Successful Blog By Finding Your Niche Thu, 12 Dec 2013 06:43:47 +0000 When you begin blogging, you must keep up with the pace of the readers. They do not need to start reading your work only for you to give up along the way. To be on the safe side, it is important to find your niche. Before you begin blogging, choose on a particular topic that you are passionate about. Having general or broad blog topics may not go down well with many people, as they need to know your area of specialization. Choosing a particular niche is just one of the ways on how to write a successful blog for a beginner.

sblogWhile at it, do not make your blog too specific so that very soon you may just run out of ideas. One gist on getting how to write a successful blog is deriving topics from your hobbies. If possible, you should get them (topics) from ideas that you have tons of information on and those that you can easily argue about. A favorite subject area is automatically one that you have read a lot on; you have done some research on and can therefore talk about effortlessly. You can measure your interest by checking on the number of books read or owned on the topic, the audience and if there are enough ideas on it.

How To Write A Successful Blog Using Great Content

Not everything posted on the blogs can be an eye catcher. Great content is what will make a post popular and likely to be shared. How does one know a post is good? If it can tickle readers, if it is able to make them cry in a good way and if it solves their problems- then the post is actually great. Readers’ work can be made easier by using bulleted or numbered lists, bold-fonts, line breaks, images, subheads, block-quotes or captions and other formatting to make large blocks of text be smaller. Creating great content is therefore one way to write a successful blog.

Posting every day is another way on how to write a successful blog. While at it, let the readers find the information useful to them. At least this way, they have a reason to visit your blog. If for one or more reasons you are not able to write each day, strive to post more often and regularly so that readers can have a reason to make regular visits to your blog. Then again, do not blog because you have set certain days for blogging. This may compromise the quality of blogs. Do it when you have quality articles that will excite the readers in a positive way.

How To Write A Successful Blog Using Catchy Headings

Using a great title for the blog is another way on how to write a successful blog. Remember, there are numerous blogs out there and for yours to get the attention you want for it, the title has to be catchy. This does not necessarily mean that it has to be an outrageous title that will look far-fetched. It has to be real but attractive. It is important to note that choosing on a title that attracts attention can either make or break a post. To get the ideal title, it is best to peruse through copy bloggers as they have a lot more experience.

A headline or the title is catchy; it has attracted attention like you intended, what next? Well, another tip on how to write a successful blog is to live up to the headlines promise. It is one thing to make a promise to the reader and another to actually fulfill that promise. This calls for help from your editors as well. They can offer some ideas. At the same time, you can seek opinion from the readers, or look at popular blogs and borrow some ideas from there. In a nutshell, let the headline give the reader a sense of urgency, be useful, be unique and convey the information in brief.

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How To Make Money Blogging Without Hoping Too Much Sun, 08 Dec 2013 06:41:05 +0000 Money is the sole reason people have to wake up early each day, and at times go to bed late. Lots of things revolve around this means of exchange until it has become the reason for people working. Well, lately, many have taken to blogging as a means of earning a living, but one sure thing is that this is not easy. Of course, there are plenty of success stories out there that may catapult anyone seeking extra cash or needing money for survival to seek ways on how to make money blogging.

mbFor a start, it is important to understand that there are a million bloggers out there. Penetrating the market is therefore not an easy feat. Anyone hoping to make an instant hit into the dominated market may be in for a rude shock. Blogging needs lots of patience as well as determination. It also needs a strong passion for the topic chosen to be written about. As much as this may be a career that will earn someone cash, it should not be the sole earner if you do not know how to make money blogging. Even if you do, having an extra job may be necessary before your blog picks up.

How To Make Money Blogging By Sharing Your Content

When you are blogging, remember that whatever you write is intended for the public. As much as some people write blogs in the form of a diary or whatever takes place in their lives, when it is intended for a blog, it means the writer expects to earn something from it. This therefore calls for sharing of the content. Remember blogs, just like all internet content, is meant for interactions and to connect people. Even if you write about yourself, you post it for others and therefore, let it reach the intended audience. This is done when the content is shared with family as well as friends and is one way of how to make money blogging.

Joining a blog community is also another way of making money blogging. This calls for sharing content with the community members. When you share other bloggers content with members, it shows that you are enlightened and therefore appreciate other bloggers as well. Those bloggers who are enlightened never snub each other; instead, they seek to generate traffic for themselves and members of their segment. This is another way on how to make money blogging since no one can blog from a deserted island but a blog community.

How To Make Money Blogging By Crediting Others

No man is an island, so the wise ones said. Before you came along, there were others who existed before you. In most instances, a blogger who has just bounced into the world of blogging may borrow several ideas from others. When this happens, it is important to credit those whose ideas you have used. This is one way on how to make money blogging. Even for the most educated individuals, they usually acknowledge others whose references they used. This should be applied to blogging. It may be that you read the idea from a fellow community member and you perfected it, but that does not give you all the credit; you owe it to someone else.

When you discovered something first, you too may need to be acknowledged and this will impact positively for you as it is another way on how to make money blogging. Remember people credit each other by giving links that make it easier to read your content. If you give links for other bloggers, they will do the same for you and this will greatly enhance your money making abilities. When using references from others, ensure you have enough knowledge on the topic so that the content you give is not substandard. If anything, it should be qualitative.

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What Is A Blog? Fri, 08 Nov 2013 06:22:21 +0000 Many a times, people come across the word blog but are not sure of what it means. At first when I heard of it myself, it got me thinking. So well, what is a blog? It is a type of website that is arranged in a chronological order with the most recent posts being at the top while those written earlier are relegated to the lower part of the website. A blog may also be described as a website where one posts entries on a regular basis and these get arranged in a reversed order. I.e. those that came earlier will be at the bottom while the newest posts are at the top.

wiabThe term blog is shortened from the word weblog. When one adds anything to their blog, it is called blogging. When one writes then posts, these will be referred to as blog posts, entries or just posts. The person who does the writing and posting is referred to as a blogger. Almost all blogs contain articles or texts, images and at times links, which will drive the reader to other websites for more information or further details. The links can drive one to texts, audio or video clips.

What Is A Blog’s Use?

Basically, the role of a blog is to give information or make people be on the know. In the earlier years, people relied on the media to get information. These included the radio, television, newspaper, magazine etc. In a nutshell, this meant that all the information had to come from the media-houses. In other words, any other person with information had to contact the media house to get whatever they needed to air for the listeners. This limited the access of people with information to pass to others whatever they knew about a situation, an occurrence and/or an emergence. With blogging however, anyone who has something interesting can easily pass it out to others by posting in their blogs.

Another reason for blogging is sharing of details. What is a bog without details? Everyone has a mind and whatever goes on in there cannot be known unless it is shared. The internet offers a wide audience for everyone who wishes to share their life experiences. Before, the average person did not have the opportunity to reach a global audience with minimal experience like it is happening now. A serious and interesting blogger can easily reach up to a million people in a single day, thanks to blogging.

What Are A Blog’s Features?

Well, what is a blog’s feature? To know more of a blog, one has to understand its features. For a start, blogs are written by one person, though at times this may not be the case as someone else may quip in a few ideas. They come in several topics a blogger may think of. As the blogger gets more readers, they develop into a blogging community with people sharing topics and getting into contact with one another. As the relationship builds, they learn, make friends, share ideas as well as do business with those who share same interests.

To get the most out of the blogs, some of the features to know are archives while looking at the front page of a blog, there are a few entries, links to other websites and a lot more going on beneath the surface that may not immediately meet the eye. In addition to the main page, there are other pages or posts that are not readily visible. Comments too are a feature with blogs. Remember blogs are a conversation with a number of people giving their feedback. The readers can also ask questions, put in a little pun, criticize or bookmark the favorite page.

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What Do I Write About In My Blog? Tue, 08 Oct 2013 05:46:32 +0000 You can hire the services of a web designer to create a customized blog according to your taste. This makes you a blog master to write about anything under the sun. You can register for a free blog on several platforms; besides a number of these platforms may have restrictive rules on what you can write about. How to make a blog will depend on your passion and the purpose you need to achieve. You can write about your adventures or write about a common concern of majority of people like how to lose weight at home.

wdiwimbHow to make a blog can be research online to ensure you provide new and fresh content for your audience. You can write about a favorite celebrity or discuss controversial issues in your locality. Stay away from abusive speech and respond to the comments of your audience as soon as possible to keep them interested in your blog. Learn how to engage with your readers to provide what they require on your blog; consequently, they will refer others to your blog if they are happy with the content provided. You can write about anything on your blog, for as long as you do not step on the toes of others.

Start A Blog For Free

You can start a blog free of charge today on a number of platforms; furthermore you do not need to be computer savvy to have your blog up and running. Most of these platforms that provide free blogs have set themes and templates for those writers interested in how to make a blog of their own. You can choose any subject to write about if it is not restricted by the providing platform; you can use this avenue to rant about your life. You will be surprised at how quickly you can obtain followers when you write on a subject others can identify with.

You can make some good money on your free blog if you are able to drive traffic there. Be active in the social media networks and include a link to your blog when you contribute to discussions in forums. Post interesting videos and photos on your blog to entice visitor to return and tell others about your blog. Learn how to make a blog look fresh and interesting by selecting creative designs provided on the platform. You can hire a freelance writer to create fascinating blog posts for your free blogs; additionally you will gain more traffic for your blog if you provide free downloadable music without infringing on copyright.

How Do You Start A Blog?

A blog can be uses as an online diary where you can write down your thoughts about any topic. There are many platforms that offer writers a chance to set up their blogs free of charge; furthermore, this is a simple procedure that can be done in a few minutes for the blog to be live. Instructions are provided on the platform how to make a blog to reach your target audience. You are supposed to fill in requested details like your name and contact details. In addition, you have to select a catchy name for your blog.

You can select a good theme for your blog after deciding what you want to write about; create content and publish it on your blog. Your blog can be open to the public or kept private as per your choosing. How to make a blog instruction can be researched online to create a blog others will follow. Include a small easy to fill form for the visitors to subscribe for updates in your blog; remember to provide fresh content for your visitors to keep them coming back for more. Funny videos provided on your blog can be shared by your followers across social media platforms driving traffic to your blog.

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